Wedding Stories - Winter

This is the content for the wedding stories of the winter.

The Harris's Story!

Nick and Baylee Harris were married 12/13/2018.

They met at a church family function. After BayLee invited Nick and his family to sit with hers, he wouldn't look at her or respond to any of her questions. I thought he didn't like me, but later he admitted he was in disbelief that she was trying to talk to him.

Their first few dates are the funniest to BayLee. She asked him to go to eat street tacos on one occasion and then to Phoenix another. "Both of which he quietley watched and listened to me awkwardly babble. I'm a chatterbox when I'm nervous. I thought I was the luckiest girl to be going on a date with him!"

BayLee tried to propose to him, but he wouldn't let her. He wanted to propose more traditionally!

Nick says they were over at his parents house right after he had gotten the ring. He found out that his original idea would take too long to get all of the pieces together on time. Their youngest daughter was playing with a Frozen jewelry box and he decided that was his delievery option. While BayLee was rocking their youngest, he put the ring around Elsa and gave it to her with the music playing. It took her a few seconds to realize it, "but boy, was it worth it!!"

"Our Cottage at Hogsveil was so charming! When we booked our room, we bought the Ultimate Wedding Package that included the romance package. It was worth every penny! We have LOVED our time here. We plan to come back on our anniversary to try out the treehouses or hobbit caves. Thank you so much for making our wedding and honeymoon so magical!"

The Thompson's Story!

Aubrie and Kristi met at work. Aubrie was a Child Crisis Detective and Kristi was a Child Welfare Investigator.  Aubrie admired her tenacity and hard work and they became inseperable.

One of their funny dating stories: "We went on a call together that required a lengthy road tirp in the pouring rain. Upon arriving Kristi (who spooks easily) saw some skinny chickens and started to think anyone with skinny chickens couldn't be good people. Then out of the corner of her eye she saw one of those punching dummies and thought it was Jason Voohrees. She screamed so loud I nearly wet my pants."

Kristi and Aubrie proposed at the same time.

Comments: "We couldn't have dreamed of a better place for our wedding and honeymoon. We will definitely be back!"

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