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Romance - Rose Petals & Candlelight & Champagne!

Romance - Rose Petals & Candlelight & Champagne!
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  • Rose Petals & Votives!
  • Champagne with logo glasses!
  • This is Total Romance!!!!!!!

Surprise your Honey! In the evening return to your candlelit cottage where Rose Petals have been sprinkled about, a bottle of the Bubbly will be waiting for you along with Romantic music playing softly in the background.


Cost $83.00 plus tax, for the package only


Comments from our Guests:

"We just got home and I just want to tell you how your Romance Package changed our lives. We have been married for 20 years and as the years passed our zest for romance has passed also. I decided that I wanted to try and make our 20 year anniversary special. I thought I´ll surprise her with a couple of days in Eureka Springs. Then I found your website and realized that just a couple of nights away was not going to be that special. We pretty much did that every few years anyway. Initally when I found out about the Romance Package, I thought that it was pretty expensive for just some rose petals and candles. Your suggestion on keeping it a surprise was a good one. When we walked into our cottage after dinner, I was even surprised. I had no idea that it would be such an event. Helen just could not believe that I had planned it. She started crying and hugging me and said I was the best husband she could of ever asked for. I have not seen her that happy in many years. The next day she was still beaming, matter-a-fact we are both still beaming. We are back to holding hands when we go shopping and it seems as though there was some kind of spell that was put over us that night. Now when we go to bed at night, I hold her in my arms and we both just kind of say "I Love You". Prior to our stay at Oak Crest, we just went to bed and sometimes we´d say goodnight. Elaine, I´ve just got one thing to say to you, THANK YOU for making life special again. You have a gift and THANK YOU for sharing it with neglectful husbands like me."
Arthur Croswell - Tulsa, OK

"Thank you so much for decorating our room with the Romance Package. The placement of candles, petals etc was perfect, as was the music. We really enjoyed our first stay here and will return again!"
Thanks again,
Cindy & Joel Daugherty


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