Wedding Stories - Summer

This is the content for the wedding stories of the summer.

Bartley's Story

Comments about your stay:

"Thank you so much for the wonderful place to stay!! Everything was so clean and enjoyable!! I have already started reccomending Hogsveil to all our friends and family!! We had a wonderful time celebrating our 8th Wedding anniversary here, we will definately be back for another stay in the future! Thank you again" - Luke & Sidney Bartley

Bryant's Story

How did you meet?

"We actually met on Bumble, for a while we wouldn't tell people because of the online dating stigma, we would make up stories to avoid telling people."

Funny Dating Story?

 "Our first date was to be dinner and a movie. However the dinner was going to be at a buffett and I hate buffetts and I thought a movie theater would be difficult to talk and get to know each other. So instead we went and got McDonald's and we sat on his bed and watched the movie Water Boy. He asked me to be his girlfriend that night and I said yes"

How did He/She propose?

"I had always said just stick a blue ring pop in a peperoni pizza and Ill say yes! That's exactly what he did, I thought it was a joke so as I walked inside our dog Zoe met me with a ring pop on her collar with a note that read... Mommy? Will you marry Daddy? Of course I said yes!"

Comments about your stay at Hogveil:

 "We absolutely love staying here! It is always so private, relaxing and worry free for every check in! It is always super clean and a very convienent location. Also super affordable for all the ammentities."

The Hall's Story!

Nicole and Ryan met on a float trip five years ago.

On their first date, they realized that they knew each other's friends and grew up with all of them. Their children were born at the same hospital by the same doctor.

Ryan propoesed on Valentine's Day. He got down on one knee and told Nicole how much he loved her and that he couldn't imagine life without her and her kids.


"This place was magical! We didn't have to do anything; it was like we'd bought a wedding planner. This was my fairy tale wedding."

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